Giad El Sewedy Cables Company Limited works in the field of manufacturing power cables and LED Lamps. The company’s policy towards stakeholders is as follows:

 Commitment to meeting the requirements and needs of customers, employees, owners, society and other stakeholders

 Commitment to providing safe and healthy working conditions to prevent accidents, near misses, injuries and ill health related to work and occupational safety and health by eliminating occupational safety and health risks

 Commitment to protecting the environment from pollution and harmful environmental activities and measuring the effects of harmful activities and dealing with them in accordance with the requirements and legislation for the environment and safety

 Compliance with legal and legislative requirements related to the environment, occupational health and safety risks, and relevant authorities

 The company is committed to communicating, consulting, and sharing workers with occupational safety and health issues

 The company is committed to training, developing and educating employees to perform their duties in the best way

 The company’s management is committed to complying with the policy of quality, environment, safety and occupational health through the process of continuous improvement of these systems.


 General Manager